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The Day of Reckoning
Turner - Shade & Darkness

Day of Reckoning

Shade and Darkness: The Evening of the Deluge by JMW Turner.

This is an attempt to bring a spotlight onto the individuals and their organizations who appear to have made a significant contribution to the creation of the fascist society or police state, which we are now all living under in the Western World. Some have contributed directly to the creation of that state, while others have been responsible for, or had involvement in, major programs within that state, furthering its causes. Then there are those who, through a concentration of power, such as that achieved in media ownership or control of software, maintain the system and refuse to acknowledge its injustices, some of which are monstrous.

In their pursuit of empowerment and profit through the employment of narratives that feed such fears as those of child sex abuse and stalking bogeymen, these individuals created or helped to create the great moral panics of the past 30 years or so, which have virtually destroyed our society and way of life and so many good lives in the process. They are aided and abetted by so-called 'expert witnesses', the legal profession, the judiciary and, above all perhaps, a compliant or 'owned' media - the Jumping Jacks of the moral establishment that preaches 'normalcy'. This 'normalcy' is filled with hatred and hypocrisy and a need to disavow unwanted desires and project them onto hated others.

The knowledgeable who read this will be aware that many important names are still missing here - for example those who caused the moral panics such as the Mc Martin Preschool travesty and then spread the resulting ideology worldwide, and those who made the greatest contributions to the rise of victim feminism and its resulting repressive legislation. We need such names now and short biographies on the work of each. These are the individuals who have brought in the naming and shaming society in which we and our families and friends now live, so we need to identify them and acknowledge their contributions. Since first writing this we have received an important Mc Martin name, which is now in both the Predominant and Experts section (See menu).

Do you have a name to propose for inclusion here?

As we do not want long lists that will become unreadable, we need the top or most significant names - those that have achieved most in the creation of the police state and damaged society. We can, however, use representative names, that is, names of typical inciters or opportunists, whether tabloid editors and journalists or judges, where they represent many of their type.

Contact us at reckoning@obu-investigators.com

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